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        2. Statement on Counterfeit Shineray Brand English Website


          Recently, our company found that there are some fake English websites of Shineray brand on the Internet. The counterfeit website illegally uses Shineray brand trademark and Shineray brand product pictures, with the intention of borrowing Shineray brand name to achieve profit purpose. To this end, we declare the following:

          1. The website with the domain name: www.shinerayglobal.com is not related to our company, and our company does not assume any responsibility related to the website or website information;

          2. The website with the domain name: www.shinerayglobal.com has seriously infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of our company, and our company will protect its legitimate rights and interests through legal channels;

          3. The only official English domain name of our company is www.fzyjdf.cn, please overseas users recognize this domain name and beware of being scamed.

                                       Overseas Business Department of Shineray Group


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