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        2. SWM G01 Launching Ceremony


          SWM G01 Launching Ceremony


          On 29th, August, 2019, SWM motors held the G01 global launching ceremony successfully in Chengdu. The brand new strategic model –“Stylish, Smart SUV”SWM G01 went to the public.  


          Mr Gong Daxing -the chairman of Shineray holding was officially awarded the “Star of Italy” knight medal winner verified by Italian president. For the ceremony, Mr Ni Fei- the consul general of Italy embassy in Chongqing attended and on behalf of the Republic of Italy granted the “Star of Italy” knight medal to Mr Gong Daxing.

           Cool and Fashion

          The G01 global launching ceremony is a super party well-prepared for the young generation; it inspired the enthusiasm of all the people on this event 

          Smart control, intelligent future

          ·        SWM G01 has good performance in HCI, it is equipped with interconnected intelligent interactive system E-GO system, which responses quickly in every travel scene, provides 5 star vehicle services, leads the future intelligent driving experience.

           Italian enjoyment, pursuit of perfection

          SWM G01 is with size of 4610/1855/1725mm (length, width, and height), 2750mm wheelbase, super space inside, rear seat completely laid down, and 970L rear trunk space. The ultimate detail design enhances significantly the inside space utilization and creates more freedom for passengers.

          Fun in driving

          SWM G01 based on the perspective of young generation focuses on their extreme demand and driving experience, provides driver seat heating, ventilation and Italian leather seat and other over-class configurations and prepares 360° panorama image, front crush warning and other safety systems which will give ultimate safety and fun in each travel.



           Golden power, pleasant driving

          SWM G01 carries 1.5T engine, 6MT and 6AT gearbox, providing Maxing Power 115kW/rpm, maxing torque 230N·m/rpm.


          The young generation as the backbone of current society is the hope the future. When the young people turned to the main force in the society consumption, the targeting of their demand is the first priority of each auto manufacture company. For this reason, the research of new and high-tech smart vehicle is the key task. 

          SWM G01 with force awaken, brings intelligent high-tech experience, fashionable appearance, comfort space, over-class safety. It will be the most potential competitor in compact SUV segment. 

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