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        2. SWM G01F Official Launching


          On 28th, May, 2019, SWM“Pretty Face and Sport SUV”G01F was officially launched in the famous CHONG QING city. SWM G01F is coming with high face value, sport genes, two power options (1.5T-6MT/6AT) and 5 configuration models.


          Dozen Thousands Participants, Coming for Fashion Show

          Time is changing, but the pursuit of beauty is always consistent. In the high face value city CHONG QING, SWM G01F launching activity prepared online and offline intercommunication which covers more than dozen thousand users. Indeed it is also a fashion show with magic colorful smog and brand new G01F. This new model explains the exact meaning of young generation with good looking and sport genes.


          Focusing on the launching, fashion celebrity, fitness coach, self-driving expert and talk-show internet celebrity are driving brand new SWM G01 into the activity site. Then an interesting cross-field talk begins between those young people. They share their personal understanding about personality, sport, and fashion; give highly praise to SWM G01F.

          Good looking, High Face Score, Sport Sense

          In the time of “appearance prevails”, all the public is pursuing personality, fashion icon. An excellent vehicle is with the same concept. On the styling, SWM G01 interprets well on how to be attractive with amazing appearance and sportive sense.

          Ultimate performance, fearless from Battle

          Refusing to follow the normal standard, SWM G01 creatively introduces the most popular elements, advanced high-tech and customized performance to fulfill the pursuit of young generation.


          Enjoying young atmosphere and embracing charming face, SWM G01 equipped with high score face and plentiful popular configurations; will raise a new trend of sport SUV.


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