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        2. SWM G05, Brand New Medium Size 7 Seats SUV


          In recent year, Chinese SUV market keeps highly growing. For 7 seats SUV, depending on the strong utility performance, it becomes the first choice for many families. SWM motors develops the key model of this year G05, G platform 7 seats SUV.


          SWM G05 is positioned at the level of family use 7 seats SUV. G05 is with more gorgeous and mature appearance. The front face provides impressive impact with direct waterfall shape grille.

          About configurations, this new model is equipped with LED headlight and day running light, front camera under the logo and 360°panorama image.

          SWM G05’s body line indicates the steady, classy design concept. The side line is straight and masculine, stressing the sense of depth.

          The size of wheel is 225/60 R18, it is almost the biggest in the same segment.


          The design of vehicle tail is with good send of depth, the taillight adopts the popular penetrating type. As for exhaust pipe, there are two real pipes with sportive design.


          Currently there is no official interior picture for SWM G05, but based on the previous report, the inner trim of G05 is with multiple sense of technology. The center console is equipped with large display screen.

          About power, SWM G05 provides two options-2.0L and 1.5T engine, the maximum power reaches to 143 and 156 HP; the maximum torque can be 185 and 212 N.M. There are two gearboxes (6MT and 6AT) for your selection.

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